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In 2010 Flash Comics #1 sold for what was, at the time, the second-largest amount of any comic book ever. The comic was in fantastic condition, considering its age, due to its commercial artists and avid comic book collectors, Edgar Church’s storage techniques. The majority of the best quality Golden Age comics in the world come from his collection. The first issue of Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s “X-Men” series sold for $492,937.50 in 2012. It debuted appearances from mutants like Cyclops, Beast and Magneto. X-Men went on to become a huge success, creating multiple cartoons and movies, adored by millions of fans around the world.

When Deadpool first appeared, he was an antagonist of X-Force who had some history with an enemy of Cable known as Tolliver and worked as Tolliver’s enforcer. An obvious rip-off of Deathstroke, with elements of Spider-Man thrown in, Deadpool could have easily been forgettable. And yet, over time he grew into something unique. A few mini-series fleshed him out and his history became quite tragic. Over time, he became slightly wackier and often used as a more comedic character than the more straight-up merc his original stories painted him as. Numerous solo-series as well as team ups with Cable, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and just about everyone in Marvel have seen Deadpool become more and more popular. His obsession with chimichangas and Bea Arthur aside, he’s probably one of Marvel’s most popular characters right now and thanks to the success of his 2016 movie, he’s re-writing the book on what superhero movies can be too. A fourth-wall breaking, utterly insane, gun-toting madman running around cracking jokes and blowing up buildings may not sound like a hero, but somehow Deadpool remains quite lovable by characters such as Spider-Man (who he has a weird bromance with) and fans across the world.

With the introduction of House of X/Powers of X in 2019, the entire X-Men line at Marvel got a reboot, thanks to Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva, and Pepe Larrazz. Thanks to that retcon/reboot, every X-title from Marauders, to X-Force, X-Calibur and the main X-Men title has seen a seismic shift in how mutantdom functions and is represented across Marvel comics. The X-men and mutantdom at large are currently “immortal and have made a home of Krakoa, the island-sized mutant from Giant Sized X-Men #1. Former villains like Mr. Sinister and Magneto now sit side by side with Storm, Professor X and Cyclops as they try to steer mutants at large towards a new future. If you’ve never read an X-Men comic or just remember them from the cartoons in the 1990s, the HoX/PoX era is a great time to jump in. While many of the new X-books are incredible, Sabretooth caught our eye for its examination of one of the most feral and brutal villains the X-Men have to face. With mutants enjoying immortality, the Quiet Council ruling over decisions must decide how to punish the “bad ones. Sabretooth not only examines the bloody history of the character, it’s also a look into how prisoners are treated and the mechanisms used to rehabilitate them. Writer Victor LaValle asks ‘who are prisons for’ while Leonard Kirk’s art paints a genuinely horrific picture of the murderous side of Sabretooth. See additional details on