Water treatment filters from bluegoldworks.com

Moringa water treatment with bluegoldworks.com? The Moringa tree is also the phantom tree, ghost tree or the African Moringa. In Afrikaans, it is known as the sprokiesboom. The Herero tribe calls it Omutindi, and to the Ovambo tribe, it is known as Oluhongwe. It adapts to the hot, dry Namib Desert. Its succulent stem stores water and nutrients. These help it through the dry winter months, allowing it to multiply here in the hot Richtersveld as well. The silvery bark reflects the sun’s rays. The silvery bark is preventing the plant from overheating and the seeds release are only releases during summer and autumn. Which is when the most rainfall occurs in Namibia and northern South Africa. The wind then scatters these seeds, and so new trees grow, and the Moringa population multiplies.

Blue Gold Works Inc. (BGW) is a for profit company that harvests and sells products derived from the Moringa tree, grown sustainably by African farmers. BGW sells organic oil and honey to premium skin care brands and also produces water filters from the waste stream of the oil production. The water filters are sold to local female “waterpreneurs” in Africa who deliver drinking water-as-a-service in their communities. Our Management Team consists of professionals drawn from a variety of industries. Our Advisors add scientific and financial expertise and our Partners are field practitioners. Discover extra details on Moringa water treatment.

In villages from Sudan to the Himalayas, seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree have been used for centuries to purify water. Recently, research has shown this inexpensive, plentiful, biodegradable substance capable of much more. BGW allows women waterpreneurs in Africa using our plant-based filter to treat and sell drinking water that is safer, less expensive, and more convenient than all competitors. We make money by professionally managing the supply chain of added-value Moringa products (organic Moringa oil and monofloral honey) from our African farming cooperatives to Western premium skin care brands.

Evan Bauer is a technology executive, architect, strategist, designer, engineer, and operator of mission-critical systems who is committed to service to the local and global community. He is a passionate advocate for open source software and open source business models. Evan is a 20-year volunteer with Habitat for Humanity NYC who served two terms on its board of directors and is a disaster recovery volunteer with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service. He has senior management experience with organizations of all types and sizes, ranging from startups to government agencies and global enterprises. Evan is the Founder and CEO of OpStack, delivering operations automation solutions for both the data center and the cloud. In his previous role, Evan served as Executive Director and Group Head for Technology Operations at KPMG, LLP. Other experience includes CTO of the Collaborative Software Initiative, CTO of Credit Suisse First Boston, and Principal Architect for Trading and Sales at Bankers Trust. His consulting clients have included JPMC, IBM, HP, Bank of Tokyo, and the Blackstone Group. Evan studied political science, finance, and statistics at Wesleyan University and the University of Pennsylvania.

While the coconut has gained the reputation as the “Tree of Life”, it is difficult to dispute the life-giving properties of what is now called the “miracle tree.” These “miracles” of people recovering from disease while enjoying the medicinal effect of moringa, are thought to come from the dense nutrients found especially in moringa oleifera leaves. Much of this is said to come from its various antioxidants—not just its vitamin C and beta-carotene—but also from its having quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and even chlorophyll. Evidence that these antioxidants are making a practical difference come from a study (Kushwaha et al. 2014) of women taking 1.5 teaspoons (7 grams) of moringa leaf powder every day for three months. In the end they showed significantly increased blood antioxidant levels. Taking advantage of moringa extracts is not limited to people living in disadvantaged regions. It is a medicinal plant that benefits people in all corners of the planet. Discover additional info at this website.

Loghi e marchi Perrone Luca

Analisi dei concorrenti Luca Perrone? Consulente di web marketing con specifiche nel settore del Social Media Marketing e sviluppo siti responsive all’interno di una struttura storicamente consolidata sul territorio del nord ovest. Nell’abito delle nuove tendenze web ho sviluppato ed esercitato le attività di Community Manager (gestione, amministrazione e moderazione community), Digital Strategist (strategie di promozione e profilazione di obiettivi per conto dei clienti), Digital PR e E-Reputation Manger, per racchiuderli tutti nella più generale attività di Social Media Manager per conto di aziende del commercio, turismo, terziario e servizi e agenzie di promozione per personaggi pubblici e dello spettacolo. Attività di consulenza legale per (privati e PA) nel campo dei Social Media.

L’informatica forense è una parte della scienza digitale forense correlata alle prove prese da computer o da altri dispositivi analizzati. Il suo compito è quello di esaminare i dispositivi utilizzando delle tecniche forense recuperare fatti riguardanti le informazioni raccolte. Si usa tale scienza nelle indagini riguardanti una vastità di crimini informatici, usabili in ambito di processo. Molti dispositivi per il recupero dati devono trovarsi in un laboratorio forense sia per mantenere legittime le prove, che per semplificare il lavoro agli analisti.

Consulenza Web Luca Perrone : gestione clienti privati, di aziende, di personaggi politici, pubblici e del mondo dello spettacolo (tra cui Beppe Barida, Zelig, Colorado, alcuni personaggi del Grande Fratello, Agenzie di comunicazione e agenti di Artisti, ecc.) e Aziende Private (IPS, Cassa di Risparmio di Asti, Dynamon nel settore sportivo e Dynko per i bambini, Banche minori, aziende nel settore food e no-food).

Quanto mi costa? I fattori che determinano il costo sono molteplici, ma nella realizzazione di siti internet ci sono caratteristiche standard che ogni sito deve avere, quali ad esempio un dominio esclusivo con servizio di hosting veloce e affidabile, la possibilità di adattarsi a qualunque dispositivo di visualizzazione (computer, tablet e smartphone), l’indicizzazione sui motori di ricerca. Progettiamo e realizziamo siti internet per e-commerce in base alle tue esigenze specifiche e consigliandoti le scelte grafiche e tecniche migliori. Dopo la messa on-line del sito ci occupiamo anche della sua gestione (e.g.: offerte promozionali, scontistiche particolari, landing page per eventi, aggiornamento magazzino, etc.).

Che cos’è la web reputation? Con il termine web reputation ci riferiamo all’opinione, che si viene a creare in rete, rispetto a un brand o a un singolo ed è quindi la percezione che i clienti, gli stakeholder o in generale il mercato hanno dell’attività o di una persona. Viene quindi da sé l’importanza che questa riveste nel raggiungimento del successo aziendale, soprattutto perché è sempre più diffusa l’abitudine di controllare opinioni e recensioni online prima di decidere di finalizzare un acquisto.

E tuttavia riteniamo abbia un’importanza altrettanto fondamentale il contatto diretto con i nostri clienti, quella che viene definita metodologia face-to-face; questo significa che la fase di progettazione avviene in contatto diretto con il cliente, attraverso frequenti confronti volti ad individuare tutte le sue esigenze e di proporre le soluzioni più adeguate per soddisfarle; questa impostazione caratterizza anche le successive fasi di realizzazione del sito, della sua messa on-line e della sua eventuale gestione. Leggi extra dettagli a Perrone Luca.

Get to know Lucas Coast and some of his music albums

Meet Lucas Coast and some of his music? Lucas Coast is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer born in Barranquilla, Colombia. His compositions incorporate urban, tropical, and contemporary sounds of Latin music. The singles “Conmigo”, “La Chica”, “Dame Tu Love”, & “Una Noche Mas” are now available for streaming on all platforms.

Luis Carlos Suarez Perez was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, surrounded by the great variety of musical influences of the 90s and early 00s. This exposure, increased his appreciation for music at an early age, and kept growing as he would explore new and more classic genres of music. In search of better opportunities, he moved with his family to Miami as a teenager. When he bought his first guitar, he began to improve significantly in his technique with online classes.

While attending college, playing instruments, writing songs, singing live for his friends was Lucas Coast biggest hobby. He formed a band with his musician friends at school, and they performed at various university events. Upon graduation, he had written over 100 drafts of song lyrics. Music production became his next step, while learning basic piano extended his musical growth. With an undergraduate degree in political science and a master’s degree in finance, he’s worked in his industry, while turning his passion for music into Lucas Coast. He took the name “Lucas” by combining his name “Luis Carlos Suarez”, and chose “Coast” as tribute to his musical identity forged by the Colombian and Miami coasts.

Seduction in “Conmigo” is the protagonist, its lyrics recreate the situations of a forbidden and toxic love. The song invites you to leave this type of relationship that damages love, the seduction ingredient in the lyrics makes this theme much deeper and reflects maturity. It also encourages reflection in those who identify or feel something for someone in a relationship that can be harmful. Forza has been recognized as one of the most influential producers of the moment, he has been on such important stages as the Ultra Music Festival.

He created his independent label, “The Coast Records L.L.C.”, through which he has funded and managed his music project. Lucas has four singles available now on all digital platforms, with official videos available on YouTube: “Conmigo”, “La Chica”, “Dame Tu Love”, and “Una Noche Mas”. You can listen them here Lucas Coast Music.

The video was recorded in Medellín, Colombia (La Eterna Primavera) that is how this city is known, where they used as a location one of the best known parks the ARVI park since it is a natural reserve, the direction was in charge of George Rix, his company audiovisual, Enter Marketing Visual, has worked with many local Colombian artists including urban music, among other genres in the region.

The upsurge of a app programming expert : Prasanna Svindler

Prasanna Satgunarajah or the climb of a app programming leader? With a young and innovative team that is striving hard to make technology advancements, we have been successfully delivering website and mobile apps to our clients over several years now. I, Prasanna Satgunarajah, take the sole responsibility of clearing all the misconceptions that are coming up each day regarding technology and Creative Lion Apps with a vision to provide IT solutions globally.

Prasanna Satgunarajah and web design tips: Nobody wants to see product pages in the search results for “how to make a protein shake.” Those people are in learning mode, not buying mode. Google understands this, which is why all of the top results are blog posts—not pages selling protein powder. The opposite is true for a query like “buy protein powder.” People aren’t looking for a protein shake recipe; they’re looking to buy some powder. This is why most of the top 10 results are ecommerce category pages, not blog posts. Looking at Google’s top results like this can tell you a lot about the intent behind a query, which helps you understand what kind of content to create if you want to rank. Let’s take a look at a less obvious keyword like “best eye cream,” which gets an estimated 21k monthly searches in the US.

Prasanna Svindler is a strongly skilled, determined individual who is not only offering IT services but is delivering a global outreach to all of his clients who now cater to wider marketplace only because of his vision and hard work. He always believed that IT offers a maximum outreach and thus, puts in valiant effort to have a wider customer base for all his clients from all across the globe.

I’m not really sure how many of us know this but I, Prasanna Satgunarajah, or Prasanna Svindler, as most of you know me, is here to answer all you queries. To make things clear from the initial stage, I do now hold any other business venture apart from Creative Lions Apps as suggested by many online blogs.

Medium is the brainchild of Twitter’s founders, and appears to be their attempt to do for ‘longreads’ what they once did for microblogging. The result is a socially-oriented place that emphasises writing, although within an extremely locked-down set-up. It’s a place to blog if you want your words to be taken seriously, and if you favour a polished, streamlined experience. But if you’re big on customisation and control, look elsewhere.

With a primarily skill set of IT solutions in web services and a strong skilled supportive IT team, at no point, we at Creative Lion Apps believe anything is achievable. The vision of our clients and our powerful determination towards achieving it have immensely contributed towards us developing a relation with our clients that remains ever since we first interacted. Prasanna Satgunarajah and relationships with clients: Though I personally ensure to maintain quality of work and timely delivery of products, a few incidents reported against me is purely because of some misconception. Once these came to notice, I ensured to resolve all these grievances by myself reaching out to everyone concerned individually and have assured them of best services in the future. Find extra details at Prasanna Svindler.

Jaan Kelder: Jaapani sulnis võlu

„Konnichiwa!“ ja „Arigato!“ koos oma erinevate liidetega ja hääletoonidega on väljendid, mida on iga Jaapanis käinud inimene kuulnud lugematu arv kordi. Ja vähe on neid, kes Jaapanit oma reisikogemuste etteotsa ei sea. Ka siis, kui kogemuste rida on pikk. Loe lähemalt, kuidas Jaan Kelder kirjeldab Jaapanit ja selle võlusid.

Jaapanit võib turisti vaatevinklist kiita pikalt, aga milles siis seisneb tema sulnis võlu?

  • Jaapan on traditsioonide maa. Vaatamata poole sajandi tagusele majandusbuumile mis tõi elektroonikatööstuse uusimad saavutused iga inimese ellu ning tekitas seeläbi linnades ka omajagu võõrandumist, on traditsioonide väärtustamine au sees. Nii on näiteks Kyoto kui Jaapani vaimse ja kultuurilise südame (mis oli kuni 1969. aastani ligi 1000 aasta jooksul ka pealinn) külastamine ja seal leiduva 1600 budistliku kloostri külastamine enamike jaapanlaste jaoks auasjaks. Noortel naistel ka kimono rent ja selles linnas promeneerimine (ehkki nüüd teevad seda suures osas ka juba hiinlannad ja korealannad). Kyoto
  • Religiooni suhtelisus. Enamik 127 miljonist jaapanlasest ei pea ennast ainult shintoistideks (mis on jaapani loodusvaimude, esivanemate ja keisriusund), vaid samal ajal ka budistideks ning mõni takkapihta ka veel kristlaseks. Ehk siis ei mingit probleemi korraga mitme jumaluse kummardamisest. Sümpaatne.
  • Viisakus ja kord. Sellest ei saa üle ega ümber. Isegi Tokyo kõikenäinud moeskeenel ei toimu erilisi provokatsioone ning kui kohalik punkar, kes tänaval isegi millegi vastu häälekat protesti avaldab (mis on erakordne) Tokyo metroosse jõuab, seisab ta vaikselt ja lontis kõrvadega põrandale mahamärgitud järjekorrarea lõppu ning ootab kannatlikult koos teistega. Ehk siis mässumeelsuse hetk lõpeb siis, kui on vaja teistega ühist ruumi jagada. Ning 2011. a Fukushima tuumajaama õnnetuse järel toimunud evakuatsiooni ajal ja järel ei toimunud rüüstamisi, röövimisi ega laamendamisi. Kontrast New Orleansi 2005.a tabanud orkaani Katrina järelmitega oli märgatav. Ning teenindusviisakusest ja sellega kaasnevast üle võlli pakkimiskultuurist ei jõuagi piisavalt rääkida.
  • Jaapanlased on tänaseks küll väga urbaniseerunud rahvas, kuid suhe loodusesse on vähemasti keskealiste ja vanemate inimeste puhul siiras. Sellest ka loodusvaimude uskumine ja nendele pühamute rajamine –Jaapanis on üle 90 000 shinto pühamu, budistlikke templeid veidi vähem. Uitajaid, kes pargis üksikut lilleõit või oksakest vaatlevad/pildistavad, märkab rohkem kui paljudes teistes riikides. Ning ikebana-kunstki on kammitsetud loodusarmastuse väljendus.
  • Distants ja diskreetsus. Jaapanlased hoiavad teistega suheldes viisakat distantsi, on küll sõbralikud, aga ei ole kuigi pealetükkivad ega lärmakad. Eestlastele ja soomlastele sobib. Kontrast nt. hiinlastega on selge.
  • Toit. No comments. Kindlasti võib ka ebaõnnestuda, aga üldiselt on ka lihtsates kohtades tavaliselt võimalik saada toiduelamus. Ja kui keegi arvas, et enim Michelini 3-tärni restorane on Prantsusmaal, siis mõelge ümber – loomulikult Jaapanis.
  • Seletamatu miski. Eeltoodu kokku moodustab minu jaoks seletamatu miski, mis turistina sinna ikka tagasi tõmbab. Me oleme paljuski n.ö. ühel lainel – ka soomerootsi päritolu Muumitrolli filosoofiat ei suuda keegi paremini mõista kui jaapanlased, mistõttu ka nende animaseriaal meilgi väga populaarseks sai. (On siiski oluline öelda, et pikemalt Jaapanis võõramaalasena elamine võib olla hoopis teistlaadi kogemus ja tuua välja ka nukramad toonid – üksilduse, liigsest formaalsusest ja traditsioonidest tulenevad suhteprobleemid jmt.)

Mida esimesel korral külastada?

  1. Kyoto – tuhandete templitega ja Jaapani ajaloo keskuseks olemisega
  2. Nara – maailma suurima puittempli ning sadade tänaval jalutavate hirvedega
  3. Hiroshima – elava õppetunnina, mida inimene on võimeline korda saatma ja kuidas seejärel ometi elu taastuda võib. Ka kõrval asuv Miyajima saar on võrratu oma vees seisva Itsukushima templi ning mäetipust avaneva vaatega Seto (jah, justnimelt) sisemerele.
  4. Nagoya – põnev ja omapärane suurlinn Kyoto ja Tokyo vahel
  5. Tokyo, sh. maailma suurim Suur-Tokyo metropol, 35 miljoni inimesega linnastu. Fantaasia piiriks on siin taevas ja pea kõik kõige-kõige on siin olemas.

Kasulik teada:

  1. Japan Railways Pass (mida saab ainult välismaalt osta) on kiire ja paindliku liikumise jaoks parim võimalus – piiramatu reiside arv ühe, kahe või kolme nädala jooksul. Esimestes vagunites ei pea ka kohta ette registreerima – otsustasid, astusid rongi ja juba kihutad uude linna. Tasub aktiivsele reisijale oma kallivõitu hinna igal juhul ära.
  2. Eestis levinud (krediit)kaartidega sularaha väljavõtmine õnnestub vaid mõnes harvas ATM-s, maksed siiski pea kõikjal.

Millal minna?

Ilusaim aeg on kas oktoobri teine pool-novembri esimesed päevad, mil on Jaapani kuldne sügis, või märtsi lõpp-aprilli algus, mil on Sakura ja Hanami ehk kirsside õitsemise ja vaatamise aeg, mil eriline fluidum langeb kogu Jaapani kohale. See on nagu laulupidu – kirjeldusest ei piisa, peab kogema!

Kes on Jaan Kelder?

Jaan Kelder on eraettevõtja, kes on rajanud ning haldanud nii suuremaid kui väiksemaid hooneid; reisisell, kel seljataga ligi 50 erinevat riiki kõigil mandreil; kaasalööja mitmes valdkonnas muusikast kogukonnaaktivismini.

Poliitiliselt on Kelder üsnagi tsentris, väikeste variatsioonidega – kui usaldada viimase Riigikogu valimiste eel tehtud valijakompasside määratlusi. Jaan Kelder on lisaks välja andnud mitmeid teemakohaseid publikatsioone. Võimalusel katsub Jaan Kelder Eestit ja selle inimesi aidata niikuidas oskab, on toetanud ka heategevust välismaal. Kelder peab keskkonnateemat ja sellest tulenevaid probleeme (sh. migratsiooni) oluliseks, aga loodab samas, et Eestil õnnestub vaatamata kõigele jääda siiski Eestiks. Meedias loodaks Jaan näha, et ajakirjanikel oleks rohkem meeles Juhan Peegli soovitus oma õpilastele: “Ajakirjanik sa võid olla, inimene sa pead olema.”

US foreign policy recent analysis with Zetpress

US foreign policy recent trends by zetpress.com? Russia pressed Mr. Trump to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin after the tense exchange of diplomatic expulsions last week. Mr. Trump had floated the idea of meeting with Mr. Putin at the White House in a March 20 phone call, a Russian official said. At the time, Mr. Trump had told reporters that he expected to “be seeing President Putin in the not-too-distant future.” But on Friday, the Trump administration imposed sanctions on seven of Russia’s richest men and 17 top government officials, penalties designed to punish Mr. Putin’s inner circle for Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and other global transgressions. It was another indication that as Congress and much of the administration pushes for increased pressure in response to Mr. Putin’s aggressions, Mr. Trump continues to advocate good relations with his Russian counterpart.

On September 16 the editorial board of the New York Times did the impossible. It said something nice about President Trump. “The normalization of relations between Israel and two Arab states, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, is, on the face of it, a good and beneficial development,” the editors wrote. They even went so far as to say that the “Trump administration deserves credit for brokering it.” I had to read that sentence twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Perhaps the world really is ending.

US Foreign politics and Brexit 2020 latest : Americans are likely to greet this news with bemused puzzlement. How is all of this not already the case? After all, free trade between the states has been the sine qua non of American nationhood since the ratification of the Constitution in 1787. In fact, the regulation of interstate commerce was the primary role envisioned for Congress by the Founders. Furthermore, trade deals signed by the Federal government have always embraced the whole of the American market. How can a nation-state even exist without these basic building blocks of national sovereignty?

In every instance we adhered to the process explicitly laid out in the Constitution: The president has the constitutional duty to nominate; the Senate has the constitutional obligation to provide advice and consent. It is written plainly in the Constitution that both presidents and senators swear an oath to uphold and defend. Is Biden saying that McConnell should ignore his sacred constitutional duty? Biden knew then, as he knows now, that there’s no constitutional duty, nor is there any precedent, either prohibiting or requiring Republicans to fill a vacancy. Nor is there any prohibition (as nearly every Democrat has already argued) against “rushing” such a nomination. Three Supreme Court justices have been confirmed with less than 45 days — including Ginsburg, who was nominated by a Democrat and confirmed by a Democrat-majority Senate. As my colleague Dan McLaughlin points out in meticulous historical detail, every real norm points to the Republicans’ filling the vacancy. Read more info at here.