Vanessa Grundy and the perfect wildlife original paintings

Let’s talk about the best places where a wildlife photographer can get the maximum inspiration. Jim Corbett National Park, India: Jim Corbett National Park is definitely not a new place for you. Famous for its endangered Bengal Tiger this national park has gained a lot of reputation around the world. Animal lovers and Photography buffs visit this park every year to experiment with their wild life photography. Known as the oldest national park in India, this park was the first to come under the initiative of Tiger Project. With its splendid landscape and vivid wildlife this park has been encouraging people around the globe to visit here at least once. Head out to this wild life park to click some of your best wildlife photography.

South Africa: Kruger National Park is a legend that needs no introduction, but we’ll give it one anyway. One of the most beloved parks in all of Africa, and known around the world, Kruger is home to the Big Five: lion, elephant, black rhino, leopard and Cape buffalo. Will you catch sight of them all on a wildlife photography trip here? Who’s to say, but your chances are greatly increased travelling with an experienced, expert guide.

The painting is entitled “DON’T WALK, WALK!”. Completed in May of 2012, using acrylic paints, it depicts an inquisitive Grevy’s Zebra from a herd at Chester Zoo. The image is based upon my own digital photograph. It is professionally framed to exhibition standards with a solid natural beech frame. The entire piece measures 2′ (63cm) wide by 3′ (92cm) high. Due to it’s size and that its framed with glass, this painting is only available for collection. See more details at Wildlife Mugs.

I believe transparency is super important with my customers, and so I will soon be setting up a new page on my website illustrating the causes that we will be supporting including the total amount of donations that have been made through product purchases by customers! Between now and the 10th of January, all profits from sales made on my website will be donated to the emergency fund at WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) which is being used to help rescue sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife affected by the ongoing bushfires.

2019 – Liverpool Art Fair: “What’s Occurring?” completed in 2015 in acrylics measures 26″ by 14″, and was featured in the 2019 Liverpool Art Fair exhibition at the Metquarter for a total of three months. 2015 – National Exhibition of Wildlife Art: My painting, “A Road to Survival”, on display at the exhibition arena in South Wirral, Merseyside. Painted in acrylics and measuring 26″ by 14″, the final piece is mounted in a solid oak wood frame. Discover more info at